Is XTrader really faster than BookTrader and others?

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  1. I've only demo'd XTrader, so I'm not certain how the feed I saw compares with reality.

    Also, is it just that the software is faster/better, or is it the data feed as well?

    If it's the data feed as well, is that broker dependent (i.e., great through broker X but not through broker Y)?

  2. If you have demoed TT you simply you have no idea of the speed and reliability --as with any other demo...
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  4. When you are on TT it's a direct connect to the exchange, except of course for the type of internet connection you have and how many hops it has to make.. I have ran it against Ninja Trader with Zen Fire or TT data and it's so close I couldn't tell. I don't know how to check the millisecond difference. When you use TT Pro, $1400 per month, it's even faster than X Trader basic by a few hundred milliseconds I believe. I actually like Ninja with TT data for now. To get the trailing stops feature that Ninja has I would have to use TT Pro at a cost of $1350 per month more, no thanks. I couldn't get the newer X Trader Sim to even work, the freakin' NQ price was all wrong. TT couldn't fix it so I went back to NT.
  5. Who is the source of this information?
    I can't believe that TT could support such a claim, dividing its customers in 2 different categories..
  6. Bernard I am going off of memory, but I do have a pretty darn good memory. I believe it was specific to version 6. I am sure if you are curious you can register at the TT forum and confirm. I don't care that much since I am not using X Trader.:cool:
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    I use Xtrader pro. The difference between pro and basic is not speed. It is add ons such as auto-trader/spreader, RTD links and API stuff. No speed difference that I am aware of.
  8. No one -ever- decided to use X_Trader after trialing the TTSIM! :)

    Maybe you should try to download a working demo:

    FYI the release 7.4.x offers OCO and Trailing stops without external plugins.
  9. Bang on right there dude!
    Just trailing it myself.. what a pile of junk code, fiddly set up, having to alter my screen parameters to lower resolution, clunky look and feel, uninspiring to spend my life in front of that archaic 32bit (yep not 64 bit) pile of cowpat that to me does not warrant its "esteemed" position as tool of tools... they shouldn't even supply me with X_study.. I dont know anyone who trades without charts.. thats madness for scalpers... and the software kept greying out on me just like Ive heard many orgs wont use version 7.x because its buggy. For the price of the tool they must supply charts... Im so not convinced, this tool will become outdated in less than 24months watch.... thyve piss(d off so many companies and they wont take it lying down ..I mean.. they patented a static ladder.. PLEASE... what are they going to do next patent my walk?

    Im more likely to use Pats systems Pro-Mark ProMark .. intuitive, although charts could be better..
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