is "www" ever needed anymore

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. whenever i go to a website, i type www.whatever

    is this just a useless habit i can stop ..or does it actually serve a needed purpose at least sometimes??
  2. There are lots of web sites out there still don't forward to, including quite a few which really should know better. Two examples: and

  3. Depending on your browser software, it may be smart enough to automatically forward you to www if explicit forwarding hasn't already been done. Indeed, you can even leave out the .com if you wish.

    A simple search algorithm will be used such that the browser will resolve something like this:

    elitetrader -> ->

    Of course, it takes a little longer to get there if you use this route.

    The ultimate lazy/fast way of getting to your site (without favorites/bookmarks) is the following:

    In the address bar, type the name e.g.


    Then hold down the Ctrl key and press enter. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, this will pre-fill the www. and .com for you and take you to the site without having to go through the search process.

  4. maxpi


    I get screwed up with those shortcut keys when A) there is no www ahead of the name, B) it is a .org site, there should be shortcut keys for those.
  5. never ever use it [waste of time] cuz i get directed to the site immediately with no problemo.