Is World heading towards World War III?

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Is World heading towards World War III?

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  1. talknet


    USA has started building its military to create new jobs (unconfirmed reports). The $60 Trillion loss has destroyed world economy.

    After the great depression in 1929, Germany dragged the whole world into World War II.

    Now, Germany has suffered the biggest economic loss among European countries because Germany is a export-powerhouse.

    Russia is also suffering high economic loss & Russia is angry with USA & Europe because of Georgia war. There is good possibility Russia may invade Ukraine due to Gas dispute. 80% of Russia's Gas supply to Europe flows through Ukraine which is stopped now.

    Both Russia & Germany are dangerous and both have bitter memories of USA past history.

    The situation in India & Pakistan is "highly serious" and it can explode into a full-scale war anytime. It is confirmed.

    I think 5% or 10% of "Oil money" from gulf countries and "Dubai Real estate money" goes to Taliban and Al-Qaeda as financial help. Terrorist must be rich when Crude Oil reached $145 per barrel & they must have purchased sophisticated & high-tech weapons. Taleban & Al-Qaeda are always planning to strike USA & Europe in a bigger way than 9/11 attacks. Dubai is a "Hub for illegal activities and terrorist finance"

    The on-going Israel-Palestine war is bringing Islamic world together.

    So there is no guarantee whether the world will see December 31, 2009
  2. There will always be wars big or small, It's the way of the human being.
  3. zdreg


    "The on-going Israel-Palestine war is bringing Islamic world together."

    complete nonsense.
    arab reaction to events in gaza is proof.
  4. talknet


    Pakistan is still under General Pervez Musharaaf's rule.

    Pakistan President & Prime minister are "mere dummies" put-up for show to the world.

    10 days back, General Pervez Musharaaf had agressively warned India not to conduct air-strikes or surgical air-strikes in Pakistan.

    India-Pakistan war is confirmed.
  5. I can't quite see Ms. Merkel up on a stand giving a "Sieg Heil" Salute!:D
    As for Pooty Boy in Russia..we'll just have to wait and see.:eek:
  6. Acording to Marc Faber WWIII has already begun fwiw.
  7. True.

    Palestinians are second-class citizens to Arabs from the surrounding countries of Israël, Jews being third-class citizens ofcourse. They are viewed as "animal terrorists, not humans", a tool to bring Israël down, at their expense.
  8. talknet


    USA is the only dangerous country where President is the ultimate power/in command.

    Other dangerous countries Russia, China, Germany, Pakistan, and Islamic countries, the military is ultimate power/in command. President and Prime minister receive orders from military.
  9. so has anyone studied past wartime economic influences?

    war could be just the ticket to stimulate manufacturing in the US again.

    but suppose war broke out between the US, Europe and Israel vs Iran, Russia, China etc next month and we called it world war 3.

    what would likely happen to equity markets? how about the us dollar? anyone studied this stuff for WWI and WW2? I cant find many charts that go back that far.

    i know commodities are likely to go through the roof, and war is generally good for economies (of the winners)
  10. talknet


    I think Gold price will reach sky-high during Wars. Maybe that's the reason Dr. Marc Faber said "gold will be $5000 per ounce".

    Stock markets will be destroyed because factories are the first to be bombed during wars. Forget stock markets.
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