Is Woodie a fraud? YES...?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peppermint, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. First, a few years ago I believed in him and his CCI. I ended up losing some money, but I don't blame him. He didn't hit the buy or sell keys on my machine, I did.

    But, does he make money from trading? I think not. Does anyone have any evidence of him making money? I'll bet fewer than 10 people in that room make money. Any takers?

    I remember chatting with one of the room "greats" and he told me he didn't have enough money to go to Las Vegas for one of the big conferences. Huh???

    Another one of the "stars" of CCI trading told me he was barely profitable. I remember a conversation with a current or recent moderator and she said she and her husband supported themselves by doing odd jobs. Wow, guess that CCI isn't all you need.

    Just how much money from the current trade-alongs goes to the MAW foundation? Or does the money collected really go into Woodies pocket?

    Wake up kool-aid drinkers! Nobody is making money trading just the CCI. They could probably get rid of their "no boasting" rule...
  2. I dont know if he is or not although I believe that a couple of years ago he was making money scalping with CCI (according to a friend of mine who was there for a year or 2 before me).

    It will be interesting to read any responses. Can any responders defending Woodie's approach please state how long they've been trading it and how long they've been profitable with it just for interests sake please?
  3. assume for the sake of argument, he WAS making $$ with his CCI "system" at one point.

    generally speaking, any edge that is widely disseminated and used ceases to be an edge
  4. ozzy


    Most chatrooms are bullshit. Although there are always exceptions, one guy I liked was Chris Terry aka "B I G".

  5. This is one very overdone subject.

    It is always started by a trader who couldn't make it work.

    Always by a trader who has lost money, and after thinking about it for a while, he or she decides that ULTIMATELY, it is someone else's fault. Someone sold them a bill of goods. and now it is time to make it known to the public. Justice must be done. We should all know the truth.

    Here is the problem for me. Where were you when it started to go bad? Why didn't you post here telling the rest of us about your difficulties THEN? You might have found some help here. But instead you decided to keep it to yourself. Why? Because up until the end, you refused to see what was right in front of you. You hoped it would turn around if you waited just a while longer. At some point, it had to dawn on you that you were failing to make a profit. Naturally you must have asked someone for help. Who did you approach. What did they suggest. Surely they are willing to back you up in your complaint. After all, no adult in their right mind is going to continue to trade and take loss after loss right? You must have exhausted every avenue and now here you are. Why don't you tell us about that part of the journey so we can all learn something of value. I would be very interested. Frankly it would be a lot more instructive than hearing you whine like some little bitch on the wrong end of a slap fight.

    Sorry about your loss.

  6. I wonder if any of you have every been involved in professional sport of any kind. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey. If so, I would be interested in hearing how you did. Did you make it to the big show? If not, why? Was it someone else's fault. Did someone else fail to hit a major league curveball for you? Did someone else fail to hit free throws under pressure? Did anyone go to a football combine tryout and show so badly that they got booted? Or did you get cut from your high school team and end up playing intramural? If so I would doubt we will hear about it in this venue? Why is that?

    I will bet that it is because people who try to make it in sports know up front that the odds are greatly against them. They realize that it is a longshot and even with great natural skill and luck they may never see the major leagues. What would happen if every failed major leaguer blamed it on his last coach?

    "I could have been the next Barry Bonds, but my coach couldn't teach me to hit a 100 mph fastball on the outside corner."

    Yep, you could have been a contender.

  7. Steve

    You may perhaps be good at generalising but in this case I think it is uncalled for.

    You may speak for yourself but you certainly do not speak for me or my late father who was one of the first of a group to raise the red flag on woodie.

    We see kiwi-trader posting here. One needs to know his background, how he bend over backwards to help others in that chatroom and made software, indicators etc etc for them. And what was the outcome? He got shit for thanks and was booted out when he dared to question some of woodies activities.

    I remember an expression that my father was fond of: "show me your friends and I know who you are".

    I like to think about this expression as: "the way you treat your friends shows me who you are"

    If we see the current popularity of woodies room then this thread is a good wake up call for those who were not around when the original threads were initiated. Perhaps they may be saved some heartbreak but frankly I doubt it because they'll believe what they'll want to believe.


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    This all sounds a little odd to me. Personally even when I was a newbie I could tell whether or not the person was for real. It's sad to see people can't see the truth. I guess my skeptical nature comes from my mom who trusts absolutely no one. I'm somewhere in the middle.

    Don't believe the hype - Public Enemy

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  10. agreed. except I would leave out the word "widely".

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