Is windows firewall and AVG 8.0 (free) enough

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  1. protection for my computer?

    I was using komodo firewall and antivirus, but there were so many pop-ups that I didn't know what to do with. Every time I did a scan it wouldn't find anything, and yet it said it had blocked hundreds of intrusion attempts everyday. I had a new tech look at my computer and he took it all off, and turned on my own windows xp pro firewall and put on the free version of AVG antivirus. He says I don't need anything else, but I wanted to make sure that he is right.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Also, under connection settings...should I have "automatically detect network settings " checked or unchecked? I was told to turn it off because my ip address was showing up as a proxy, but my speeds went to hell. When I put it back on, my ip address is now showing up fine anyway, and my speed goes right back up (although at times it goes back down and I have to turn it on and off again). My cable company says they have never seen that before. I have no idea why this is happening, but I am pretty sure I always had it on before.
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    assuming you never watch porn and/or know what you're doing, avg is enough. i personally don't like it, but to each his own.

    you should also download malwarebytes anti-malware. you'd be amazed at what it will find. the best part is that it actually removes what it finds.

    are you connecting to wireless?
  4. Thanks :)

    No I am on cable...I had to uncheck the "automatically detect settings" box again because my ip address kept switching and the cable company said they have no idea where the second ip is coming from. Strangely enough my speed is staying up this time. I am waiting for my regular tech to come check it out, but I am sure he will tell me something completely different than the last two!