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  1. I often think about the ways to eliminate poverty. One thing I have noticed that any effort to solve the problem does not work in entireity.

    Even though production has increased and there is an ability to provide more resources to people it does not seem to solve the problem. There are many reasons for this. Poor distribution, squandering wealth on non essentials but the main thing in my opinion and the thing that eliminates any increase in production is increased population.

    This is what I believe is the main source of all poverty. Overactive procreation. No matter how much you produce to eliminate poverty it will not help if there are more people. There is a level of personal responsibility to this and that is the main problem.

    Should all efforts to eliminate poverty be centred around population rates not welfare cheques?
  2. yes but what politician wants to do battle with the catholic church. they still dont allow birth control. religion has much to do with keeping prople in poverty.
  3. I think the main issue is peoples own intentions. Some people have more children because they want them without consideration. Other sadly want more children because they can get income from them in some shape or form. In western countries children provide an income from social security cheques. One post I did recently stated child birth rates rose in the recession. This is in my opinion due to the income people can get from the children to compensate for lost earning income.
  4. in most of the world men dominate women and the women have little say in the matter. if those women had access to birth control many would use it.
  5. So should money be spent on third world birth control rather than welfare cheques?
  6. yes, but you seem not to understand that its an uphill battle when you have the catholic church preaching to these ignorant people that birth control is a sin that could get you sent to hell.

    i think bill gates does wonderful work in third world countries on disease control but i wish he pushed birth control more. i have never heard him mention it.
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    Poverty is not really tied to population. There are many poor countries that are sparsely populated, and then you have China, Japan, Holland that are packed with people and are relatively well off. Poverty is tied to the quality of people; are they hard working, industrious. In our country, we have people who've been dependent on the government since the great society policies of the 60s. Then, you have all the deadbeats, drug addicts and the like. Someone on here once said that people shouldn't be comfortable in their poverty. We should cuts government support back to where it was before the new deal: none. The country will be for the better but the Democrats will fight it till the end.
  8. I don't have children so I don't know first hand, but I am under the assumption that raising a child is ALOT more expensive than any welfare check you get. Unless you guys do things differently over there in England. In Canada, a welfare check does not amount to much...certainly not as much as raising a child would cost.
  9. Poverty is the most controversial aspect of economics because from there we must take into account “inequality” and define what poverty is.


    The poor in the developed world enjoys (most of the time) a standard of living similar to a middle class status is developing countries.

    The poor in the developed world enjoys (most of the time) a standard of living similar to or higher than a middle class person 60 or more years ago.

    SO?? What is poverty? What are basic things humans being need to be provided for??


    The poor are the most forgotten class in their society. Even if they are the majority of the population.

    They struggle just to get by. Whether it is a minimum wage worker in the US (where you are most of the time not respected, valued and your job can be taken away from without previous NOTICE and poor or no benefits; and you are very easily stepped over) or just a guy spending 12 to 16 hours a day working or trying to just to provide bread and water for his family.

    Regardless of country and culture, it is very hard leave poverty. Specially when the economic system you live in favors it that way.

    MORE IMPORTANT: if you are poor you feel miserable most of the time not because you posses few material possessions, but because society makes life much …..much harder needlessly.

    The poor would feel much better without increase in wealth if the system provides them just with less pressure, social securities and guarantees, protection of rights and few others.
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    Also people who have more time tend to have more sex. Apparently, rolling blackouts help birth rate too.
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