Is water the most precious resource on Earth?

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  2. The most precious resource is the one you really need that is in short supply at that moment.
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    This is more crisis politicking by the UN to scare-up a new disaster they can later save us from. Think about it for a second. The water cycle is driven by the sun. 75% of the earths surface is covered in water, with oceans, on average, some 1 mile deep. That's a lot of water. So long as the sun keeps shining and evaporating seawater which later rains down on the continents and replenishes aquifers, how on earth will humans ever "run out" of water? It's a load of crap. Pure fear-mongering. If anything, it's an energy problem, not a water problem (plentiful energy can run desalination plants = unlimited fresh water). The agenda isn't about "water", or "bird flu", or "swine flu", or "global warming". It's about using manufactured crisis to get us to give up our rights. First, to our Government (like with terrorism). Next, to the UN, in the form of carbon taxes and other such crap, like the ICC and to the UN proper, as a supranational body who governs nation states (as the UN is only body that can be "trusted" to "save the earth" from "xyz"). Scientific American said this week we need global government to "save the earth". This is the agenda of globalists. To scare us into signing away our rights with hyped-up crap. Terrorism, global warming, waters running out, we're all gonna die bullshit. The UN always has a new "global crisis" handy only they can save us from.... Just sign away your rights, pay this new global tax, and we'll save you....wake up.
  4. All that just to make us give up our rights? Oh, that makes sense.
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    Not to an idiot, like you....
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    they really just want the money ,more control more money,so give up your rights or the taxes is saying the same thing..think of sin tax, somewhere along the line they came up with sin far its admitted to be alchohol /tobacco ..there is also gasoline...cell phones ..cable..they just add to those at will..if they can get the ball other words a clean water tax..clean air tax..clean underwear tax...they give a reason ,doesnt have to make sense, clean tax ,sin tax..then collect and raise the number at will
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    Somebody gets it... It also works for things like the Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Hitlers Reichstag, Hitlers polish "shooting", Bush's "WMD's" etc. Either to foment war, or consolidate power through panic, manufactured threats are the favorite tool of the elite to get their way. Global warming, same crap. The science is crap, as we're learning. Climate has flucuated wildly for millions of years. North America used to be covered in ice caps, at one point. But a couple degrees warmer in the past 100 years? We're all gonna die? It's the sun. Solar activity follows long waves, active (hot) > inactive (cold). Bird flu will kill us all. Nothing. Swine flu will kill us all. Nothing (except making some well-connected vaccine makers extremely rich and pass a few new marital law powers). 911 was a treasure trove for the elite. No more 4th amendment. Rendition. Torture. We get to throw Americans in camps without a trial. So much for that pesky constitution. The DOJ loves running guns into Mexico to make the 2nd Amendment look bad. It's all the same problem-reaction-solution crap played out over and over again. Tell a Liberal this while Bush was President, they'd agree. Tell a Liberal this while Obama is President, they stick their head up their ass and play dumb. The Right does it too. It's this retarded game of "my side wins, f* our principles". People would rather "win", than live in a peaceful, law-abiding country. A nation of idiots.
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  9. Water is like money & sex...its only important if you're not getting any.
  10. Whatever it takes to pull the money out of your pockets and make you work harder. The people who mandate from the "Ivory tower" how what when and why will keep the nonsense going to keep the wealth condensation flowing to thier favor. Tax, fee, user charge, etc. it is all just a racket to keep the those in power insulated and segrigated from the commoners. What ever happened to ISO? It was suposed to be the answer. The things that changed it all. All it did was make work for the EU cronies who shill the system.
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