Is WAR coming , Again ????

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Digs, Feb 11, 2008.

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  2. We are in an election year. Another war may destabilize the economy (temporarily), and change election outcomes.

    So, IMO an Iran attack may occur just after elections, but before Bush hands over power.
  3. No, No, NO... War is America's excuse to stimulate the economy with increased deficits.

    War may break out any time against anybody... "The business of America is WAR"
  4. interesting theory....scary to contemplate....doubtful premise...but we'll see
  5. Not my quote... somebody famous... Interesting to contemplate... America's "war-ing" compared to other wars where the initiator wanted to engulf another culture's people and/or confiscate their assets... With the exception of Mexico, that has not been America's style..

    (Too deep for this board, I know... but what the Hell... I'm trying)
  6. August 2, 2008????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Wow, this Israelies now can forecast the future.

    Maybe their sport sections has the upcoming NFL results
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    I don't think anybody denies that the two primary motivators of technology are 1) war and 2) entertainment. War provides an excellent stimulus to the economy ... or at least to certain sectors.
  8. Troops, readiness, etc. are already stretched very thin. I'm sure the Bush Administration is well aware of this. Another Middle Eastern conflict (making it 3) would be a readiness/logistics nightmare. And if something broke out in another theater (like N. Korea), then heaven help us.

    Bush may be stubborn and a little reckless, but I don't think he'll stoop to this unless Iran really provoked it...and I don't think they will.

    This rumor has been going on for at least 2-3 years anyway...
  9. The war will happen. How else do you think Bush buddies make their money?
  10. "Stimulus to the economy".... Well, if the expenses of war were to the EXCLUSION of other costs, that would be a difficult choice. But when they are a money-pump-stimulus-in-addition to the current economy/budget, WAR can theoretically be nothing more than an unconscionable excuse to pump spending. (SO WHAT if it inflates prices and debases the $USD... SO WHAT if it cost "a few thousand lives (or 50,000) of American servicemen"... IT'S GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY AND IS THEREFORE GOOD FOR POLITICIANS SEEKING REELECTION)

    Our "war" in Iraq (cough, cough) was about THIS and also Pres Bush's desire to be reelected.... nothing more. Everything else the Gummint told us WAS A LIE!!!
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