is Wanda, Tim Sykes mother?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. probably not, but I saw an interesting banter today on his live webcast meant to entice folks to part with cold , hard cash for his various and prolific wares.

    someone asked if he didn't want legions of followers so that when he released his 'trades' they would push the price in his direction, even if the stock was not going there on its own. This gives him a very nice exit, regardless of actual direction.

    his answer was, "No, since most of my trades are shorts and there are rarely any shares to borrow on the penny garbage I'm trading."

    Then what is he selling? A useless system that can't be used to actually trade? Or did he just contradict himself. Sometimes it's hard to cover all the bases when you're running a 'u no what'.

    Madoff was good at it, but nothing lasts forever.
  2. Why were you watching his live web cast?!?!

  3. ›› is Wanda, Tim Sykes mother?

    She might be. Wanda is gay.
  4. Same reason I don't have you on ignore.

    I'm a recreational masochist.
  5. :D
    Killed me. LOL
  6. 777, looks like you made a friend....maybe you'll invite him to watch the next Tim Sykes webcast with you :D
  7. Hello


    Seeing as how flytiger is on a crusade against short selling, and ruining companies, i highly doubt he likes Tim Sykes much given the fact that he hands out a news letter which tells a couple thousand people all to jump on board and short the shit out of these small upstarts. :D

    Correct me if im wrong flytiger.
  8. fly, is one of the few on this board that I can vouch for.

    It's a short list.
  9. I've not bothered with Timmay's bs lately, but wandered over there and I see he's still killing them , 90% winners, minting money.

    It's good to be able to frontrun 100's or 1000's of subs, you cant miss.

    Good job.