Is volume overrated?...

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  1. Is volume overrated? What do. yall think? I have seen price trend down and up without volume... I don't use volume at all.. just price..
  2. Yes.
  3. Redneck


  4. +1. Sastisfried?
  5. good, i thought i was the only one...
  6. charts


    Nothing beats being lucky ... :)
  7. Price probes, but volume pushes.
  8. but when volume is high what should we do?
  9. I think volume has become somewhat overrated. A lot of people were fooled by the low-volume rallies we had earlier this year and missed some nice moves.

    With that said, however, good volume can be powerful confirmation for your trades and a sign of when it might be a good idea to load up with greater share size. And for short-term trades, I'm always checking in Quotetracker and StockVision to find stocks that are trading more than their usual amount of volume. They seem to have a higher chance of making a nice clean move.
  10. If you know how to 'read' volume in such a way that you can be profitable then no, it's not overrated and if you cannot 'read' volume than of course it is overrated.

    It's all a matter of perspective.

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