Is volume analysis useful in index futures?

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    Volume, tick and time are the partial derivatives of a function price. As w/ all partial derivatives equation, you can take them to zero to trade w/ the other. If you can use all 3s, more power to you.
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  2. Fine, I thought you were talking about single tick charts. 5s or10s charts for NQ would be fine I'm sure, but would be to short to maintain a view of context for something as active as ES. You just need to find the proper setting according to the activity of the contract.

    No, I don't either. Don't even consider indicators to be TA.
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    "Bingo!!" (IMNSHO.)
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    The NQ is active enough :). At the beginning of the session I don't need more than a half-hour, and the 5 or 10s suffice, unless one is trading off tiny charts. After that, it's chiefly management.
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    It's going to be a nasty day (for me) but this note will be the string around my finger -- if not today, "soon". :rolleyes:
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  6. OK, Buckeroo. Bring it!

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    It's, like, "the fourth quarter of 2017..." and I JUST discovered a little Microbloatsoft tool called {Guess what!!} "Snipping Tool". OH JEEZ. This is in W7 FWIW. But it's handier-than-snot for creating real quick .pngs from what's on your screen(s). Even has a little 'highlighter' thingie.

    I'm probably the last one to learn of this ... :rolleyes: ...just not something I used before. Now, I'm probably dropping half-a-dozen .pngs a week for this and that....!

    Google will probably handle any questions. (But I'm probably the last one to know....!)
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    Or what they need to see, to hopefully make sense of a nonsensical situation. So what is logical for the Price Volume trader?

    Statement: Price alone is useless without volume, as is volume without price.

    Is the above statement logical?
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  9. Congrats. That's a REALLY good question!

    Answer.... the only thing that really counts is PRICE!!!!! I'm 100% sure of that for "the market in general and stock index futures". While I suspect it's also true for individual stocks (with much disagreement from the peanut gallery)... I'll hedge on that for now.
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    Learning english, understanding Al Brooks, understanding volume for successful Trading, that is a trifecta in spades!

    If there ever was a magic key to unlock Aha's, these two sentences point to it.

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