Is Vector Vest comapatible with Microsoft Vista?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wickcity, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. wickcity


    Or does VV only work with Microsofts previous operating systems?

    I'm looking at buying a laptop, don't want to buy one with vista if its not going to work.

  2. If you have the option of XP definately avoid Vista...

    Nothing but driver compatability problems... within first week crashed twice, black screen, programs non responsive, the list goes on... with Vista. I have been running my old laptop with XP and the same programs concurrently and not one instance of failure... with half the memory installed.

    Vista is a resource hog and not one of Microsofts most stellar offerings....

    good luck...
  3. Bought a computer with Vista this year and found it to be even worse than what everyone said. I gave up on the computer and handed over to my kids. The kids complained even more about Vista. Finally I had to downgrade it to Windows XP.