Is unemployment of 9.7% a correct number?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Financial Saint, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. What? Are you BLIND? Did your mom drop your on your head as a child? Did you eat lead based paint or drink mercury? He's as far left as Mao, Stalin, Chavez, Castro!

    If your post is an example of the "brain power" you bring to the forum... ON IGNORE!!

    BTW... "being clone-like of Bush" is hardly an endorsement.
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  2. gucci


    And the market is gonna climb the 10550 mark...
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  3. Probably going > 100,000... but we ain't going to like it.
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  4. gucci


    Ho are we? And does it really matter?
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  5. As I expected, all rhetoric, and no facts. I know you FEEL that Obama is a commie, but bring up a few facts to prove this. You said the evidence was everywhere.
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  6. gucci


    What significance would you assigne to those numbers now? Very, very clever... The future analysts for goldies.
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  7. pupu


    Totally amazing how the market is exploding over mildly negative job numbers.

    Talking about bad news is good news and no news is is even better...
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  8. S2007S


    The market decides???


    It doesn't decide when there is stimulus pumping up the entire global economy. Hopefully one day we can see the outcome of real true market place without any intervention or worthless monopoly money propping the hell out of everything.

    Until then there is no market decision.
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  9. It was consumer credit expanding that was the real cherry on top. No one was expecting this, and expanding consumer credit means more buying.

    A consumer credit expansion in 1982/83 was what started the 20+ year bull market.

    I must say, I still think the US is in deep shit, but the numbers are looking more and more positive. The only question is once all the good news is out, if the market will drop purely on technicals.
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  10. ashatet


    The cost of surviving in the west are very high. We need to get these costs down, and these come from the ridiculously high property taxes, medical costs.
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