Is unemployment of 9.7% a correct number?

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  1. Easy tiger. But yes, I agree with you.

    So far, GDP numbers have been nothing but stimulus and inventory building. Let's see if all that build actually moves.
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  2. Lawyers and statisticians in the Department of Labor are conjuring up ways to include foreign citizens as being "employed Americans" in order to generate a good report. :cool:
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    Whats going to get any americans or at least these numbers of americans employment? That is the question, white collar employment ! We dont even have land to till! hahah your big crash just might come.
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  4. Americans in general will eventually "catch on"... likely not in time, but we can always hope.. :(
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  5. Currently, we're still in the mode of, "hang in there, prosperity will return... maybe it will take a little more than usual.. maybe a bit more stimulus is required". THAT'S ALL DENIAL!

    The TRUTH is that we've got an excess of labor... we can't compete with workers in Chindia.. and there ain't a dang thing we can do about it. When "acceptance" finally dawns upon us, we will "lose it".
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  6. Right so Biden says they have half the stimulus left as of 2 weeks ago approx. What's the game plan delay the inevitable until they are on their way out? I know what Scatph is going to say spend and delay free ice cream for all, is their plan. All I do know is we can look back and say see that made so much sense in hindsight. Kind of like the March 09 low.
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    Well what answer would you supply if you were "them"? I tried to tell my brother in law to take any job and he opted to take the riskiest job and started drinking like a mad man. unemployment benefits are keeping him going his and his wifes!
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  8. All a crock! Yet another Obama LIE... Sure, "stimulus" was authorized... but the implementation of it was DEALAYED... so that the [perceived] maximum impact would be felt just before the '10 election. HORSESHIT! If the goverment gave one flying FART about the well-being of Americans who were hurting, the FULL stimulus would have been implemented IMMEDIATELY in '08. But Nooooo... let's "disperse it for political advantage".. FUCKERS... LIARS.... COCKSUCKERS... That's the self-serving Democrats for you..

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  9. I don't like Obama one bit but I don't see him as a commie, especially when he's giving all his Wall Street buddies billions of dollars!

    The problem is that our economy is/was 70% services, meaning we don't produce shit anymore. We're a country of salespeople. If consumers stop spending, which has been occuring, there is no need for salespeople.

    The way to get people back to work is either:
    1) produce more shit that the rest of the world wants
    2) get consumers to start buying more again

    Housing is dead, so construction-related jobs are dead. Retail is dead, meaning businesses won't want to hire.

    The problem is that Obama wasted tens of billions on GM and Chrysler. Did you know that the ex-CEO of GM was hired back by GM for $3000/hr? THAT'S WHERE OUR FUCKING MONEY IS GOING!!!!!!!!!

    What they should have done was target the top 10,000 small businesses in the US and given them all $1 million loans, and then see where the innovation takes us. Even if people are sitting there making Snuggies, if they're employed, at least they will start spending. We need innovation and THIS is what pisses me off about Obama. All he did was dump our money into Wall Street and Detroit, and did NOTHING else.
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