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    I'm sure there's a thousand threads on this already, but let me bring it up again, anyway.

    Does anyone succesfully use on a **CONSISTENT** basis?

    I sent them an e-mail asking them 2 questions:

    1. Do Jay and Ral actually trade?

    Their answer: "Neither Jay nor Ral trade"

    2. How many subscribers do you have?

    Their answer: "This information is propritary and confidential."

    Does this sound shady to anyone else besides me?

    If neither of them trade, how are they held accountable? yeah, I've seen their "Intraday report" and all it is is Jay's "calls" for the day. A lot of them are negative and even the small-gainers (.10 or whatever), I mean, what good is that? Everyone who has traded knows that, for one thing, it takes a little while to get filled and everyone else in the room (presumedly) is jumping on these same calls, how can you profit from a .10 gain?

    In my opinion, the best way to determine if someone is good or not, is if they trade themselves -AND THEN POST THEIR ACTUAL RESULTS-. To their credit, at least doesn't try to pull scam techniques like automatically billing you after trial period and all that BS.

    Full disclosure: I've never actually been a member (paying nor trial) of What does everyone else have to say about this? If a bunch of people say they've actually done *consistently* good with them, I just might subscribe, but the whole "pay-someone-$300-a-month-to-hopefully-teach-you-how-to-trade-successfully" is suspicious. Come on. Do the math: $300 * let's say 50 traders= $15,000 A MONTH and there is hardly any overhead. That's a buttload of cash.

    I think the only way to REALLY make money through trading is to start your own trading chatroom and charge people money to use it.

    The Finn
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    Dude, why on earth would you take trade signals from a couple of non-traders who are in the website subscription business? Does this actually make sense to you? You might as well follow trade calls made on the Yahoo boards.

  3. Read Jay's Shitty book and you get the answer.
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    nobody on ET currently use Underground but there is some opinion on it if you care to search.
  5. Finn,

    Go to He (Jason Leavitt) charges 50/month and announces all of his trades in real-time. He runs a Model Portfolio with explicit/detailed setups. He has been running the Portfolio for about 2 mos and is up about 17%. He openly shows all his trade - the winners, the losers, the break-evens. He offers a 1-week free trial. Tell 'em Gary sent you.
  6. P.S. There is a futures (e-mini) trading clinic on the site also. There is a waiting list for it, however.
  7. They have a free trial, try it out and see what you think for yourself.

    In general, I would be suspicious with someone who does not trade his own calls. On the other hand, not getting involved in this way can let him stay focused on alerting the members and not neglecting his subscribers to get out of his own trades.

    This is not only about if his methods are good or bad and how profitable his calls are. You should see if this style of trading fit you. It may fit and produce impressive profits to one trader but not sit well with another.

    No one can find out good it is for you but yourself.

    P.S: I believe they have well over 50 subscribers.

    TM Trader
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    If you believe they have over 50 subscribers at $300 a month, I have some prime oceanfront property in Nevada to sell you, and cheap.

    You're definitely a shill, and a bad one at that. It's too obvious. They told this guy that the info is confidential, yet you know? What a joke!

    Geez, you really have to watch your arse around here.
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