Is Trying to Pick Bottom In Crude In Terrible Global Economy Like Chasing The Dragon?

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  1. How does that work?

    Do people just say, "well, the economy sure sucks and looks like it's going to get a whole lot worse as the jobs losses snowball, but oil sure has dropped a lot, so f!$ck it, I'm going long!"
  2. I have my standards. If I were ever to try and pick a bottom, it would have to be firm and bouncy...
  3. I don't think the real traders here are trying to predict a bottom, only reading the tape and techs. Market is acting like it has exhausted itself on the downside for the moment, and may have a larger correction within a continued bear market. looking at the charts and the action on extremely large builds, I personally and several others here are buyers for a trade, that is all. If we are wrong, we stop out and wait for another trade.
  4. I'm not saying anything about whether or not it's a good idea, but I really don't see how it's like smoking opiates through a straw. Not even a little bit.
  5. I made close to 5 points on USO with 1.5 of risk...

    am I crazy?
  6. Ditto. Perfectly worded.
  7. I'm not sure at all if crude prices and worldwide GDP growth are at all correlated, even if accounting for a time lag. Anybody read any research on this?
  8. You can bet your last red cent that the ultra-high prices we experienced can partially be blamed for the shitstorm we are in, not THE cause, but was a major catalyst.
  9. FWIW, this is a very rational response to what was an admittedly antagonistic thread title I intentionally planted.

    I thought I saw a quip from a report somewhere talking about the cost to the world economy with each incremental $1 rise in crude prices somewhere, so I'd suspect that the losers outweigh the winners on a correlative chart with rising oil prices...then there's the whole essential 'tax' on global consumers on a relatively inflexible good (but entirely inflexible, as we learned, as people cut way back).
  10. ==================
    Buy lowS , higher lows;

    Well it may be a bearish sign, when Citigroup commodity co buys a tanker full of oil.;
    when MS & Royal Dutch Shell do[did] it , maybe bullish.

    Not sure any elites know oil trading/fundamentals as Royal Dutch does,; possible , but not likely.................................................................

    And if USO, & crude got cut in half[again], still looks now like a good risk/reward for a medium or long term trade.

    Not sure what ''dropped a lot means'' means as you rightly imply;
    but measured in many ways, longs have been attractive.

    As far as how it works, not a prediction;
    more so on technicals , psychology & looking ahead than fundamentals.
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