Is Trump really worth 8 Billion $?

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  1. He has been shouting all day on twitter saying he is worth 8 Billion USD...

    Sounds like a lot no...
  2. 8B yen perhaps. The guy is pathological.
  3. The link is a year old.

    $3 billion of that is from what is estimated as “Brand Value” — “The Trump Brand Value has been established by Predictive, the highly respected brand valuation company, measuring the financial impact of intangibles such as brand, strategy execution, innovation, and post-merger integration. Other Predictive clients include: Visa, Southwest Air, Pfizer, GM, UPS and Major League Baseball.”

    According to this disclosure statement — Trump has $270,300,000 cash and marketable securities on hand.

    Real estate owned 100% by Trump — more than $3.2 billion dollars’ worth.

    Real estate partially owned by Trump — more than $900,000,000.
  4. Makes no mention of indebtedness.
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    When he initiated the libel trial against the author who claimed Trump was worth like 100MM they put him on the stand. He explained that he made up valuations for joint ventures, etc.

    He's like Enron. When he dies and they go through his estate, I wouldn't be surprized if he's worth nothing.
  6. His total value is much closer to broke than billionaire, but I have no desire to hire a lwayer to defend that position, so yea,!!!!!!!!
  7. Absolutely. He claims ownership of properties in which he simply sold naming rights and literally has no interest in the property itself.
  8. No way. :cool:
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    He is somewhere between 800 mill - 1.5 bill

    Trust me, I am an accountant.... Interesting but his most successful venue has been The Apprentice reality TV show. There are more than 2 dozen international licensed versions of the show.
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    And i can only HOPE/PRAY that ''Predictive''[brand value co] has a better nature than its name.LOL Its really not about ''prediction'', with ALL DUE RESPECT:D
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