Is legit or a paid for scam site?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by FortuneTeller, May 17, 2016.

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  1. This outfit is run by an ex-con that supposedly reviews trading schools (didn't know they had actual schools for trading but whatever). From what I have read he accepts 1/3 of the gross for giving out 5 star reviews. Doesn't sound legit to me. Almost every review he has made is a one star or less which makes me believe he can't get anyone to pay up for a good review.

    One review on CFRN he changed from a 4 or 5 to a one because some guy in India or whatever was getting slippage trading beans. Does that sound right to you? I think CFRN decided not to pay up again. Almost sounds like blackmail to me.

    Also, look how quickly he puts up a review. About one every 3 days. He can't review a room and made a quality interpretation in that amount of time. But he can figure out in that amount of time whether they will pay up for a good review.
  2. Nereto


    Mr. M.A. Perry or should I say "wrbtrader", "Levels", "NihabaAshi" and whichever other number of alliases that you might have. Stop trying to save face and admit that you're a scamming trading vendor. It's out in the open is a full blown scam with no verified track record.
  3. Okay you have been outed. You are Emmett. Welcome to ET. Hope you enjoy your stay. Well, not really since you are a ex-con who tries to extort money for a good review on your site. I don't know who "Levels" is but NihabaAshi as you call him used to be his name before he asked Baron to change it to wrbtrader. Ask Baron.

    It's interesting on your review of thestrategylab that most of the comments are about the racist remarks you said and other race related talk and Handley your competitor of course. And only 1 or 2 so called traders talking about how they couldn't follow wrbtraders calls (he doesn't give calls and will kick you out if you do that). And they also couldn't figure out how to read the manual explaining what he teaches in it. They must of had reading problems because I believe a 4th grader could understand it. In the room he lists his trades along with the others who also do so. It's a track record of his and others trades. Is that hard to understand?

    You can ask Baron if I am wrbtrader. He will tell you I am not. I am a former student of Nihaba. One that has used his teachings to make a lot of money. I know it sounds hard to swallow, but yes, day trading can be done. Price action, discretionary, intuitive trading can be done. Ask Ed Seykota an auto system trader. Ever heard of him? Probably not. Even he admits that a good intuitive trader can be better than the systems he runs. Now swallow that large pill!

    If you are not Emmett then you are Marketburger and you should get off this site like Baron wants you to. You don't belong here. So get out.
  4. Nereto


    Sorry, I am not Emmet, nor am I any of those guys you mentioned. It seems your powers of deduction are as bad as your trading skills :) I am not any of these users. You don't know who I am, but let me tell you, I am a new user although I have been reading these boards for a long time. Long enough to know the frquent posters. I am also a fan of the tradingschool site so yeah...

    You're wrbtrader, it's confirmed.
  5. Pekelo


    Oh, this thread brings back memories of the mid-2000s when half of ET behaved like a child. Those were the times!!! Then some of us actually grew up...

    For full disclosure, I like to read reviews of anything (I read Amazon reviews like my Bible) and I also like to call bullshit where it is dropped. I kind of happen to be objective but my patience is short with stupidity, so the original poster might end up on my Ignore list very fast, although then I won't see this thread anymore. Anyhow, let's start....

    I like Emmett's website. I don't judge someone on his past, I judge him on his merits.I criticized him here on ET, when he was spreading BS, but he actually changed that review (of TST). So I call it what it is and how it is. Now addressing a couple of your points:

    1. Because of the nature of trading rooms and mentors, you are guilty unless you have proved it otherwise. That is the way it is, there is no way around it. Most likely 90% of the trading rooms aren't profitable if you apply close scrutiny. This simple fact explains the 1 star reviews, not black mailing.

    2. You are saying Emmett gets a kick back for good reviews. Wouldn't you expect more 4-5 stars reviews then? Oh you are probably saying he is blackmailing the rooms. Hey, at least there is someone fleecing the fleecers! (this is a joke) Anyhow he acknowledged all the affiliation he had, so I think he is alright in this regard.

    3. You say there are too many reviews. Well, I took a look, it is only true recently. In March there are only 4 reviews (2 updates, that is easier to write) and April has 4 (1 update). That is only 1 review per week. True in May he got prolific and produced 7 reviews so far, but that is probably because he is using resources better. He introduced his Robot 6 weeks ago, where the following of a room is automatized, and he also pays a lady who follows rooms. One person can easily monitor at least 2 rooms at once, so even without the Robot he could write 3 reviews per week between him and the lady reporting in, after monitoring for a week at least. And he might have other people helping him.

    By the way thanks for bringing to my attention the new reviews, at least I have something to read for today. Generally I believe Emmett is honest and modest, occasionally if he gets it wrong he puts up an update and corrects himself, in both directions upgrade or downgrade...

    Now if you provide a link to the review you were crying about, I will take a look and give you an objective feedback, but you have to behave like an adult...
  6. Whatever Emmett. Your post is full of lies. New user yet you know everybody's business here at ET. Right.
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  7. Since you are calling me a child you can go find your own link. And yes, put me on ignore. You don't deserve to see any of my postings. So screw off. You might be another alias of Emmett for all I'm concerned. Bye.
  8. Pekelo


    I told you I call it like it is. You come here crying about a website, with a few easily answerable criticisms, and accusing here posters to be this and that. I am not even sure at this point what your interest here? If you want a decent discussion about the website, I provided you with enough material.
    I gave you an objective review of said website, and you haven't even dealt with that part. Stop being offended so easily and grow a pair.

    So if you want to have a polite discussion of Emmett's site, you have one more chance. And no, I am not that interested in your writings, but I will correct it if you post more BS...

    So it is up to you, are you really interested in a discussion or did Emmett just offend you in some way? What is your personal interest in his website? Did your room got a bad review?
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  9. Pekelo


    After a quick review of this thread...

    It is pretty obvious that FortuneTeller is affiliated with Strategy Lab if he isn't Mr.Perry the guy who runs it and got butthurt by the bad reviews on Tradingschools. Thus this thread was born...

    Since it is obvious there won't be any meaningful discussion with him, he is going on my Ignore and we are done here...

    Now where is the next scammer whom I have to uncover? :)
  10. The mid-2000's were great times.
    The housing boom in full effect, everyone flushed with cash. Google Adsense started too. The so-called Tech 2.0 boom too.
    Everyone wanted a piece of real estate or the rebirth of the web boom. Startups and acquisitions left and right.

    I love times of euphoria :p:cool:
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