Is Trading The Market A Scam?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by antincedo, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. this post is a bit contrarian to the title. what im saying is it must be right? because if one has the proper mentality, knowledge or rather use of knowledge and skill. one can really do very well at trading. sounds too good to be true... or is it?

    is trading a scam?

  2. apak


    truth is seldom heard on web site like ET

    but here it is this time

    Trading the market, swinging or day trading, can make a man rich in record time

    but this man has to be very smart

    perhaps one in 100 that try, succeeds

    do you really need it more simplified ???
  3. ha! it is a scam
  4. It's a scam only if you don't do well.

    In all seriousness theres no denying that there are forces out there to manipulate and deceive we only can hope the market is efficient enough to handle them.
  5. Gambling is not a scam.
  6. It can also take one's savings in a record time. :p

    For any big cut, always corresponds a big cut from the other side or a 100-smaller cuts. Keep that in mind
  7. so you're saying in order for one to be successful they must bring down 100 others? perhaps those 100 others arent meant to be successful or that is their share of learning to become better.