Is trading that hard? Or are people that stupid?

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  1. I just started posting on ET and have never traded in my life. I've only recently started studying how to trade. A lot of people on this board talk about how hard trading is. But as I look around at some of these threads, many of these traders seem like morons. They did no homework when it comes to trading, jump in the waters too early, bet way too much of their capital on single buys, don't seem to know even the most basic of practices/rules. And a lot of them seem to come from gambling backgrounds - which pretty much assures that they'll self-destruct.

    It seems like if you're smart, do a ton of research studying (for 1 or 2 years), play conservatively, don't get greedy, stick by your plan, etc., that it's not very hard to be good at this game. What do you think?

    Also, how big of a percentage are these people in the trading world? I've been told that in order to succeed you need to be better than 95% of the traders out there. But if these people constitute 50% of all traders, then I only have to be better than 45%.
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  3. Yes, on the surface it appears difficult, but one may easily conclude that after awhile, it will "click" and the profits will come in streams. The largest obstacle you will need to overcome is yourself, as you stare at the hard right edge.

    As with anything new, it will seem difficult if not impossible, once you figure out what is involved(you're not there yet). It's up to you really, if you're successful or just another that tried.

    A lot of people here will help you and point you in the right directions IF you're not lazy or arrogant. You need to figure out what instrument you want to trade and in what time frame.
    You should also start a business plan/goal and jot down your beginning thoughts. This will change over time but you need to refer back to this periodically. It's a measure of your progress.

  4. Yep, that's pretty much it.

    Trading is easy. It's the making money part that so may people have trouble with.n

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    Just shuddup and watch for a while, dummy.

    You might learn something if you quit posting insults and just read.

    (Trading is easy after you learn how to trade your own method(s). Before that its a bitch)
  6. Looking at the antagonistic nature of the thread title, i'd say this is probably another incarnation of Trader28 ... but who really knows, these days, the guy has 99 different usernames.
  7. Coming from someone with 99 names himself!

    just playing, Jimmy

  8. that's like saying, "well, if you practice hard enough for 1 or 2 years, its not very hard to run a 4 minute mile." people aren't stupid, trading is difficult (until you master it - it might take a while to master it though!)
  9. The learning curve is all over the map.

    You're starting from the bottom. Let's get that straight for starters. In additon, trading is difficult and most people need to understand that before they get into this game.
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