Is trading sexualy inviting...

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  1. I was a journalist for many years in the Montreal area.

    When I was asked for the eternal question "What do you do for a living?", the typical women reaction in the barI used to go was:
    "That's an interesting profession..,"

    I switched to daytrading.

    Got to the same bar, and now got a typical:

    "Is that a profession...?"
  2. Be creative.

    1. I am a private portfolio manager
    2. Equity investment specialist
    3. private asset manager

  3. John47


    in the other thread somebody had the best response for what we do..."I buy and sell stuff on the computer" lol
  4. you people that like to make up titles for trading just crack me up.

    Why do you give a flying f*ck what peoples reaction is to your job?

    I am a trader. Make a fine living doing it. Couldn't care less what people think of "traders"
  5. BCE


    My sentiments exactly. A friend of mine introduced me last week to his friends at a restaurant as a daytrader. And he meant it in a positive way as he trades the markets too. And one guy said something like, "Oh, are you going to pull a gun and shot us all." He didn't mean anything by it, just a bad joke. But the term "daytrader" definitely has connotations of irresponsibility and maybe instability thrown in. I forget who it was here who said to people when they asked what he did something like, "I design and implement derivative and equity systems." I liked that one. :D
  6. empee


    hey cares because he wants to go home with a girl and not turn her off. To be honest, if you say your a trader anywhere but maybe wall street I think ppl will think your a loser (like maybe a ebay person or someone who cant find a job) kinda like how unemployed people say they are "consultants".

    Hey, when I was a bagboy i always said I was a "packaging specialist". Whats wrong with having fun with a title?? Just because I play people expectations doesn't make me a whore. (its more fun and socially challenging than telling women to f' off)
  7. Yes, i get the same thing. But, the most common reaction is "Don't most people lose all there money doing that"

    I always just say "Yea, thats why we all still do it, we enjoy losing all my money"
  8. John47


    I'm gonna start telling people I'm a 'Horse Whisperer'
  9. landboy


    My god Empee you read my mind, thanks for making my day...

    Back in grade skool I put down consultant on my biz cards, just coz "student" wasn't cool enuf... Basically though, the two are synonymous with unemployment...

    It all comes down to ego, especially with the opposite sex... we all shouldn't care what we wear, how we look etc, but the world revolves around just that.... how little we have evolved...

  10. what is your definition of 'trader' ?

    mine is, someone who studied and passed exams, has a seat or leases one, has a salary which is directly tied to performance and bonuses if he/she is employed by a firm.

    i consider myself an entrepreneur (not that i would ever say that word in front of a girl) other words, i have developed a system and balance in trading that makes me money to live on and build wealth... furthermore, i have developed a real estate portfolio that makes money to live on and builds wealth... and certain business partnerships that i am part of generate positive cash flow etc ... etc ...

    eventhough i trade everyday and spend the majority of time studying and fine tuning results, i would never want to be classified as anything other than what i am.

    i do understand the need to relay ones passion for what they do to a person who matters to them. it sounds like you guys have a positive outlook about trading. it is a shame the media projects such a warped image of investors/traders.

    i have also found from personal experience that giving back in the form of having clients or charity helps nullify the argument and feeling that traders are gluttonous heathens who prey on investors money.

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