Is trading really risky?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 0008, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Puffery? Oh, so that is what they meant when they talked about Slick Willy putting his cigar in a humidor.
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  2. 777,

    a humidor is supposed to keep moisture out... so you shouldn't find moisture inside.

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  3. bone, You are supposed to buy them when interest rates are going down and sell them when rates are going up. That's probably where you got mixed up. Don't feel bad, I've lost $45 trading before. By the way, what's the K stand for?
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  4. Value investing is almost zero risk if the insiders are buying also. Surest thing in the market. Especially if you are buying a company that is cash flow positive, and it's trading at or below net current assets. If you think about your investing, you'll do well. Too many people think very little when it comes to investing. If you do a lot of reading, and a ton of work, it's nearly impossible to fail in value investing.

    As per not sharing, no one can ever accuse me of that I shared a method that made me over 200% last year on these boards. Do a search for GNP and GNP 2. I detailed my whole trading strategy for all.
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    I have no idea how you could loose that much in so short a time:eek:
    I also more thought of it as a holding not trading technique.
    As safe as a bank account's interest. I obviously do not know much about the subject.
    Tell us how you lost that much in 1 hour, I am interested.
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  6. Easy; size can kill ...
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  7. I think he trades in the pits at the CBOT.
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  8. I was reading a book by Peter Lynch. Sweden doesn't do accounting like we do. So he goes through the books and figures Volvo is sitting on cash worth about $8 a share. The stock is trading at 6. So he figures he can buy $8 for $6 and get the whole company and it's assets for free.
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  9. wouldn't surprise me. look at iba. that stock is nutzo cheap.. most foreign stocks are cheaper than the us
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  10. :eek: just think how lucky you were not to be short 30's on 10/31/01.
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