Is trading really risky?

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  1. What is wrong with someone hawking their products and/or services in the Forum, slamming his competition, saying that he is the "good guy" and the only one who is helpful and answers people's questions?

    Apparently it doesn't bother you.

    I don't see anyone else doing it though....not to the degree Don does.

    I have said this before, I would just prefer that each post of Don's says, "The preceding was a paid advertisement for Bright Trading."

    Don is just one big never ending infomercial.

    Unethical in my book.
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  2. pug


    Studies have shown that franchising has about a 90% success rate in the U.S. I have purchased one myself, and have interviewed successful and unsuccessful franchise owners. The bottom line is this: the franchise system is responsible for part of the success or failure. The rest is up to the individual's motivation, work ethic, business acumen and a little bit of luck.

    Isn't trading about the same things, hard work, study, discipline, and a little luck?:)
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  3. Trading isn't risky if you know what you're doing. If you work hard at any business, you'll escape those 95% who don't try.
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  4. 0008


    One major difference is you don't need to deal with people in trading, if you are trading alone. Management and sales is very challenging for many people, including me.
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  5. You need to read about the black swan.
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  6. Cesko


    Those 95% don't work hard and they have no clue as well !!
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  7. I posted one simple technique that time and again makes you money even if not that frequently: 61.8% FR within 30 min bar.
    Today was another day that this simple setup worked and what's particularly relevant to this thread you could clearly define your risk within it. Well, as far as I am concerned, it was not worth it because one individual just told me that I should consult a shrink. Not that I care about it, but to answer your question: people may sometimes cease to be altruistic because it is simply not worth the trouble. It's one thing to be altruistic and it's another to fight whiners and losers just because something you told them works.

    I also wanted to share one of my mechanical systems with the public. I will still do it, but this time I will not make a mistake of being altruistic.

    So perhaps we should ask another question: why do you expect others to be altruistic if you cannot appreciate that? I am not addressing it to you, but in general.
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  8. CalTrader

    CalTrader Guest

    No not everyone ... but many of the posters on public forums. it would be nice if this wer not the case but .....
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    This is not necessarily true....

    Getting to know what you are doing is the risky part....If you dont ever get to know you will lose what you way or another. (knowing doesnt necessarily mean; learning all the indicators and systems to trade with that may or may not make you money)

    You can work as hard as you want and still get no-where...In trading and in any business...Thats just the way the cookie crumbles.....

    persistence is another story.......peace
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  10. I can create a product, sell it and make a profit.
    In trading you can lose in more ways than you can count
    and YOU CAN BE RIGHT about your strategy all along.
    There are lies, big lies and statistics.
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