Is trading Probabilistic or Deterministic ?

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    Probabilistic: Price action is best characterized by formulating a probability function to describe various future outcomes.

    Deterministic: Future price action is determined by the interaction of various observable variables.

    A trader's whole approach to decision making and taking action in the market is dependant upon his acceptance of one or the other views of the market as set forth above.

    I believe these two opposing views account for the animosity between some ET posters.

    Just throwing it out for discussion.......
  2. Many traders believe that the best trades are taken with a high probability of success when all the "ducks line up in a row".

    So when the variables setup for a good trade (point B), there is a high probability of it succeeding (point A).

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    Deterministic, probability is just a scoring mechanism for a deteministic event. Different deterministic events will have differring probabilities of occurence.
  4. Neither.

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    The only egos that exist are in the folks who think they are smarter than the markets based on "their" "anal"ysis. It's the system that wins not you.
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    Stupid1: Hey Im long what do you think?
    Ego1: Don't worry about it your good, the market should shoot up from here, the bulls are in control.

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    Deterministic refers to those who believe that certain variables combine to give a perfect indication of a future outcome, though they would not agree that they are "predicting".

    Probabilistic refers to those who are unsure of a particular future outcome, but recognize that several possibilities exist.