Is trading options easyer then Forex and stocks

Discussion in 'Options' started by szaby_n, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I have 2 questions is trading options easyer then the other 2 and if so do you know any system that you could recomend?
  2. Options are not easier. To trade options you have to be really up on your probabilty and stats to understand the greeks. Understanding the greeks is crucial.
  3. no
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    why don't you try to accomplish learning how to spell before you tackle options trading.
  5. He might want to learn a few letters in the Greek alphabet first. Just sayin...
  6. Dude, how many separate threads are you going to start where you ask the same question?
  7. stoic


    The Greeks are useless ...don't bother.
  8. CBC


    Tis much easier than stocks,

    Others might disagree but I found forex to be the hardest asset, the charts a quite difficult
  9. Haha , greeks won't make you money , total bs.
  10. JB3


    It is easier to trade options in Greece.
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