Is Trading getting Harder ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hippie, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I had a horrible day, everything that could go wrong, did, and I made mistakes... I learned that the worst case single day loss is not that bad for me though...
  2. Lemme guess. You were short.
  3. Hello


    It would have been pretty tough to lose money, long today, do people also call you Jim Cramer?

    You seem to have a strange nack for predicting the future.
  4. keep in mind that the guy is selling something, so he is for sure gonna tell you it can be done.

    and it can.
  5. People call me Petsamo, pleased to meet you. :D
  6. I'm not selling anything. Honest.
  7. yes i think my trading is getting harder when im get loss and loss again,,,:(
  8. When trading gets harder change your mix of imputs.

    It's important to listen to the right music/sounds. I found during the World Cup I was trading great so I have looped the annoying sound of the Vuvuzela. As well I have an actor friend and he comes over and says snobby stuff about great battles and beauty of the game etc...

    Change the place in the house you use to do your work. Buy a writing desk on Ebay as i did and leave the kitchen table.

    Change the wake and bake routine. Do all your research FIRST get your ducks lined up and the ideas in order-- then huff away. You will come back to your desk a fearless trader.

    Drink no less than six cups of coffee. eat a bowl of fresh blueberries.
    Hope this helps!~ stoney
  9. nice advice buddy,,,maybe i will try to trading with listening some music,,,:)
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