Is trading Gambling or not .."What say You" Vote here.

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Is Trading Gambling or not

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  1. Gambling

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  2. Not Gambling

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  1. Even better...If the blackjack table has a positive it "not gambling" if you play correct blackjack?

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  2. TommyR


    to make money would require a wig and a blue tooth head set courtside to trade the points. gambling is like the space age center where the new stuff comes out first then everyone catches up.
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  3. TommyR


    i would be up for legit beating 'bookie'. bookie is mostly useless and is not good at predicting much, bookie is not difficult to beat except in low delta bets where bookie is taking 5 x time asset value. but you need to do a lot of high delta bets where bookie win big only if shtf. bookie however is unlikely to be able to handle and would assume illegal so the effort required would not be worth it.
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  4. TommyR


    bookie moans when leicester wins the league and bookie wildly reprices the black swan banning risky bets. bookie doesnt moan when he rakes in premium but focuses on that and believes the answer to be no bets over a certain size in order to save bookie himself. bookie is a absolute buffoon imo
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  5. TommyR


    here is the easiest way to spot a clown: a clown is somebody who, having sold something worth 4 basis points for 7 believes his edge to be in pricing accuracy.
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  6. If something is unexpected as a result of your trading were you "not gambling".

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  7. tiddlywinks


    With that thought-process/logic/attitude, why do you get out of bed? Or even go to bed for that matter? The "unexpected" is omnipresent in every aspect and every nano-second of life, 24/7! WAKE UP!!
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  8. So is life a gamble? and trading "not gambling"...

    Please vote.

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  9. tiddlywinks


    This stupid poll has been here since 2005. The results will not change.
    Those that have not done the work and/or have no edge to their work will always believe trading is gambling. You are stuck in a losing mindset ES... trading is not gambling. I am not flipping coins when I put on a trade. A deck of cards has an finite number of cards. Being finite, there can be nothing "unexpected" with regards to the cards. You are stuck in a losing mindset ES. Oh fuck.... the chandelier over my table in the casino is falling!!!! Help!!!!!
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  10. I am not stuck in anything...please vote folks...what say you?


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