Is trading easy or hard?

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  1. Trading is easy

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  2. Trading is hard

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  1. You know what the results really mean (if your ego is a mellon or not)

    I'm wondering what the demographic of this really is around here....with everyone saying most are losers on the board........

  2. While anything worthwhile is not really easy, It is like anything else you do . It is what you make it. I have been trading for 12 years with REAL money and I have found a way for it to become pretty easy. Too many people think it is so technical when actually it is not. Everyone is told they are going to lose so they make it difficult but if you just stand back and really look at it you can make it work very easy. I have never had a mentor or studied one book. And I havent been doing it for 12 years to lose money. keep it simple and enjoy!All I do is Day Trade.
  3. It's actually very easy when things are going well.

    When they're not, you cut losses and sit out.

    So many blowouts could be avoided by sitting out when things aren't going well. Sticking to plan, controlling risk and quitting when The Market is not appreciating your service to it.
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    Depends on the day, some days are easy and others are very hard
    to pull money on a crappy days =low volume.
  5. Trading is easy is true, but it's really hard to make it easy.

    Anyone can click buy, sell, close, or any function on a dom, but if that's someone definition of edge that's silly to think the people that work hard to develop automated trading methods find it easy because it's a lot of hard work but once you have something like that it can be easy.

    The people that think it is easy may already be passed that stage, but the hard people know it will become easier by doing the development work of finding a strategy on your own to make their job "easier."
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    When it is easy, it is the hardest thing to do. When it is hard, it is the easiest thing to do.
  7. "Easy" and "hard" are fuzzy qualifications. You need a reprentative huge sample to judge responses. What is easy for someone may be very hard for someone else. There are better questions to ask to satisfy your curiocity.
  8. It's hard IMO. If it was easy, like learning to ride a bike or drive a car, then everyone would be able to do it effectively. What's the success rate in trading? Very low. Is it 'easy' or hard to become a top athlete or business mogul?

    Even passive indexing is not easy for most people, and that literally takes about 1 hour a year. Good investing and trading just seems to go against most people's human psychology.
  9. it is easy when you find your style that fits your personality - impossible when you try to imitate others....
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    Trading aspects which I find "hard" (ie. I am performing below my expectations):

    - identifying & validating possible edges
    - programming setup ideas ... dealing with all kind of noise, variations, taking context in consideration ...
    - testing ... reviewing 1000s of trades one by one (the only way to ensure the software does what it was meant to do, in all sorts of situations)
    - thinking in probabilities ... managing systems through probabilities

    Trading aspects that are getting easier for me:

    - trade management rules & software
    - risk management, position sizing
    - discipline ... letting my systems do their job in real-time
    - discipline ... no "spontaneous" trading
    - discipline ... follow my R&D, validation & live deployment processes
    - philosophy ... let go of the actual outcome of any individual trade, and focus on the long-term performance of my systems
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