Is Tradestation worth getting?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Girlpower, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. achu717


    Dave N,

    I own TS2Ki, I used subscribe to Dial Data and discontinued due to incorrect data feed. ( end of day data)

    what data feed you use and how much does it cost you?

    btw, I am an old Omega customer from superchart to TS6.
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  2. DaveN,

    Which datafeed did you use with TS2K?
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  3. m_c_a98


    Girlpower, I use TS2000i and like it. I use data fed in through Metaserver. And use Qloader to download data in XPO format from servers.
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  4. ddefina


    Not to crash the Tradestation party, but also take a look at . They have a very powerful language for testing, and also have real-time capabilities. It needs a time investment as well to learn, but all good things take time.
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  5. DaveN


    For the last four years, I've been a QFeed/QCharts customer. Yeah, through the thick and the thin. I use the QLink, Dynastore, Dynaloader, and QCollector programs to get the data feed and historical data, so I never had the problems that many users complained of. I just haven't been able to get away from all of the historical data that they keep; although, I understand that eSignal and Tradestation Technologies are getting much better about this.

    I'm curious about Metaserver since Dynastore no longer supports the QCharts feed. It looks quite straightforward and bulletproof.

    I also do a lot of systems work in Excel using Visual Basic routines.
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  6. m_c_a98


    No problems with metaserver. I never used Dynastore because I started with metaserver and never had any reason to try others.
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  7. DaveN,

    What do you do when QFeed craps out during the day? Don't you have to reboot the global server?
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  8. Girlpower,

    I strongly suggest you make sure you get a 30 day free return on the 2000i. Also make sure the sat feed will send you corrected intraday data every night to fill in any gaps and bad ticks. This type of problem is one reason why programs like QCharts and Esignal are popular. They maintain the data and you just call it up when you need it.
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  9. m_c_a98


    Although my name is not DaveN, my answer is that for me Qfeed rarely disconnects. My rare problem is that the cable modem craps for a minute(not very often) and what I'll do is quickly download all my symbols for that missing time with Qloader and I get a XPO file to import into Global server.

    No restarting of anything.
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  10. DaveN



    GS doesn't have to be restarted. The most I've had to do on very rare occasions is restart my Dynastore program which is small and launches quickly. I have to do that because I run my server lookups = FALSE, which means I won't allow QCharts to go hunting for a new server for me. That alone saves lots of pain.

    I usually connect to a server around 5am here (7am EDT), and it stays rock solid. All I'm doing is collecting the quotes in GS as feeds them. I'm not requesting new charts with lots of associated data as most users of QCharts will be doing. (I am opening lots of charts and workspaces in TS, but the feed doesn't know that.)
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