Is TradeStation as "buggy" as QuoteTracker?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by version77, May 3, 2006.

  1. Is TradeStation anywhere near as "buggy" as Quotetracker?

    It seems like almost every upgrade of QT is trying to iron out the last bugs
    that were introduced by the last upgrade.

    Anyone here move from QT to TradeStation and have a "sigh of relief"
    moment? (I could really use one of those right now).

    Upgrading QT every week and wondering what is going to be wrong
    this time is getting very, very, very old to say the least.

    (Sorry Jerry, Mazel), just telling it like it is...:(

    P.S. I thought I heard you can use NinjaTrader with TradeStation?

    Is this true or?

    TradeStation margins kick the butt out of IB's margins also...:p
  2. 4XIS4U


    TS might be more stable but will likely offer a lot less when comes to innovative features --- being a developer and also a trader, I can understand how QuoteTracker can be a bit buggier than TS... even Microsoft still gets in trouble everytime they try to put something innovative out there.... it takes them over 3-4 releases to get it right - and, let me tell, there's no lack of resources or $$$ there as far as I know...

    All taken into consideration, QT is a kick ass product and support is premium in my opinion... I have no connection to QT at all...
  3. Stop talking out your ass...
  4. opw


    Quotetracker is a wonderful program, very versatile and compatible with a lot of data providers.

    Tradestation however is a completely different league. Not that does not have it faults... it is just not comparable.

    In my experience, QT is more stable than Tradestation (recently I have had a lot of "client access layer has to quit"messages), yet I would not want to miss TS because I really like it.
  5. version77

    If you are getting updates every week, then you are using a BETA verson. the production version only changes once every few months. The one before the 3.7.5 release was on March 13.

    The whole point of BETA versions is to fix bugs. And as for updates in general, ALL software updates fix bugs. There isn't a single comercial program that does not have bugs. If someone claims otherwise, they are lying.

    If you do not want frequent updates, then don't select the option to be notified of beta updates on OPTIONS/Edit Preferences menu, MISC screen. If you choose to get those notifications however, you shouldn't bitch that you get frequent updates and that they have bugs.
  6. jtmarlin


    Quotetracker Rules - Buggy? - No Way! - I use it every day - Rock Solid - Killer Tech Support - U must be using the beta...
  7. mhashe


    What bugs are you referring to? I use QT on dual screens. one to watch all the dow stocks and second to watch my personal universe of stocks. I have'nt had any issues with bugs, but then I have'nt upgraded in quite a while as I don't need to. I give it two thumbs up, it's one of the better products out there.
  8. I thought you would take this in a bad light. I just downloaded
    3 7 5 the other day, a PRODUCTION update that has bugs in it.

    It doesn't matter if it is a beta or not. Every version of QT has
    something wrong with it. It is in constant beta if you ask me.

    I can not see why something that worked in the last version (or
    the last 20 beta updates if that is what you want to call them) all
    of a sudden does not work right.

    How in the heck can something that has worked for the last 20
    versions (beta or not) all of a sudden be *ucked up?

    I just want to see what others think about this.

    Maybe QT is way over it's own head...:confused:
  9. Have you ever wondered why QT needs so much support? And why
    if you ask if some other software might be better than it is called "bitching"?

    Yes, very good support... uh huh...right...
  10. Its called a regression bug, and is actually quite common. We do try to identify them while in beta, but sometimes that does not happen.

    There were 2 updates to the production version after it was released. The curreint 3.7.5b version is final though and should work fine. If you have a problem, you should report.
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