Is for real ?

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  1. WinSum


    Has anyone used service ? What has been your experience with them ?

    I'm thinking of joining their membership but I'm hesistant on giving them my credit card number since I have not heard of them before.

  2. I have used them...100% satisfied.
  3. It's for real, works, and a great idea. I hope they succeed.

  4. JT47319


    I think my nipples just got hard.

    If this thing's for real. A trader's library. Speculator heaven.

    How is pricing for the books? I usually try and go for bulk purchases off of amazon or with some percentage discount for the most bang for my buck. Are they cheap enough?
  5. Highly satisfied user as well.

  6. aradiel


    I just don't feel comfortable in giving my credit card info to get a free membership (I understand the reason why they are running that kind of policy but as I already said, I don't feel comfortable). I think I will stick to getting books via the old fashioned way.

    But that's just me. Its good to see they have nothing but good feedback so far though, this site can be very useful for tons of people.
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  8. The reason you have to give them your credit card is to pay for the shipping of materials to you. They send stuff out Media Mail, so the cost is really low. I think if you wanted something more quickly, you could pay the extra cost.

    If you can't handle the risk of giving a legitimate business your credit card info, can you handle the hundred times greater risk of trading? :D


  9. Their search module for books doesn't work at all. I do have IE6 and have activated cookies but nothing is displayed except an error message about cookies (all my security settings, privacy setting are to the lowest level)
  10. aradiel


    again, I understand the policy behind all this. But my particular opinion is that I prefer to go over amazon and buy the damn book.

    Regarding the risks of trading, well, lets say the benefits overcome it :D
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