Is Trade Station the best?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pclark, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. pclark


    I have been using Ninja Trader but I am frustrated w/the lack of add-ons and functionality when it comes to charts and idicators. In particular the ability to be able to size charts up and down. It really bugs me to not be able to size a chart and see a whole days worth of data on one page. There also tends to be an much larger amount of indicators for TS over Ninja Trader. What are your opinions? Are there any other options? Thanks...

  2. Paul, I've used TS for a long time, eSignal, Multicharts, etc... now using Ninja and I find it unbelievable...

    Now, as for indicators I don't use any... :D
  3. pclark


    How about chart sizing? Are you able to get a full one or two days on one screen? I have not been able to do this. Maybe I am just not doing something correctly. I am trying to cut down on the indicators :)

  4. I think Ninja Trader is the best.

    I came from Esignal, still use them as my data feed. The thing about not being able to resize vertically used to piss me off, but I honestly hadn't thought about it for a couple of months until you just reminded me :D

    As for indicators and whatnot, there are tons and tons for NT and it's quite easy to make your own with only basic programming knowledge. Almost all indicators are garbage anyway.

    I've never had problems with horizontal chart sizing, I mean you can't go smaller than 1px-wide bars with zero spacing regardless of which chart software you're using...
  5. danilo


    I would suggest Multicharts:
    the last version (4.0) has wonderful charting capability and a good trading engine