Is TODAY the day???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by T/A_Bo, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. exactly Rigel. Every new low brings us closer to the bounce, right?:p
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  2. nitro


    Hey uptik,

    You like the horses? You shoulda told me - will have to join you if in town...

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  3. I gota call "close to bottom" after Maria B from that funny TV show called CNBC....said "Maybe we should stop looking for a bottom, and axknowledge that we're in a bear market. Maybe we should start shorting some stocks." Maria Bartiromo, July 23 2002 @ 4:OOpm.....

    Yep straight from the horses ass.......".If any one person can singel handedly represent the opinon of John Q Public, it has got to be CNBC's Maria Bartiromo. The significance of Her Asinine comment at todays close was not lost on the traders i trade with"
    From a very successful trader and friend of mine who will remain nameless.

    I must agree with him Maria is not only an ass, but a great Fade with her bullshit market calls in the morning.....


    trust me....
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  4. T/A_Bo


    Well, if it was Maria, then I'll thank her next time I see her :D

    Low tick on the dow was 7532... missed my 7600 by 68 points! lol

    Come on little Dow...Run like the wind!

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  5. I noticed this morning on CNBC, during the segment where she graciously educates the hapless viewers as to WHY the market does what it does that she was going on about how it's now time to begin *shorting REITs* and was delivering the obligatory brokerge house hype on the sector...

    food for thought
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  6. wow. thanks for that madison.
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  7. np :)
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  8. exce26


    Is today the day?
    Yes, Today is the day, Tuesday
    And Tomorrow will be the day, Wendsday,
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  9. Isn't it funny. Greenspan etc... have been trying to talk up the markets. And one statement about short selling by Maria B. with a dog on her lap moves the markets.
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  10. its a little too easy for it to go straight up from here. I think there needs to be some kind of a bottoming pattern, at least a double bottom.
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