Is today the day of reckoning?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lrm21, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. lrm21


    Something tells me the next 48 hrs may be life altering.
  2. I believe you are wrong.
  3. Every day you draw breath is potentially life-altering.
  4. lrm21


    My was just some bad sushi.

    That supermarket sushi at 6PM ..bad idea.
  5. ET is getting like a Chevy Chase movie.

    The kids are in the family truckster, and they keep pestering everyone with the question, "Are we there yet?"

    I guess we have been on the road looking for a bottom for about a year now ever since the Dow hit 14k, but the short answer is, no kids we aren't there yet.
  6. And after the next 48 is over, then it will be the following 48.

    Trade what you see. Don't make stabs in the dark. The last 3 weeks were already life-altering.
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    I would like a do - over on the last two hours, please.

    How do you reset this thing?
  8. define 'life altering'.
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  10. Is that a Squirt gun?:D
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