is today all hype and friday DOW rebounds HUGE?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, May 20, 2010.

  1. is today down - all hype and friday DOW rebounds HUGE?
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    The same thing crossed my mind.
  3. If you place yourself in the mindset of 'guessing' what will happen, then your brain isn't in the right place to 'trade' correctly.

  4. Exactly what is going to happen. Watch futures get pumped very early morning. If they don't, expect some announcement from the Fed/Obama/Geitner about how well the economy is doing at open.
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    Hey, CNBC is saying to sell everything. What's up. I'd say say that's a definite buy signal! :D
  6. I think it's a good time to play the lottery - buy some way OTM puts & calls, a bottle of tequila, and put the chart on the big screen!

    w00t expiration Friday!
  7. Here's a preview from Pandora's Little Black Box.

    Long above 10157.61
    Short below 10057.34

    Mini Dow Futures
  8. E-mini SP 500 Futues

    Long above 1079.75

    Short below 1069.75
  9. I fixed it for you. Gut check. Anybody can think this shit through how many have the cajones to ante up? Money is being made NOW cowboy and will for awhile. Volatility is up.....
  10. Saying the economy is good can only get one so far, now. People want to see numbers that verify the talk.
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