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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by skeptic123, Jan 21, 2003.

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    why not go back to your true alias or screen name instead of trying to bash IB or TMBR every couple of months. at least you'll have some more credibility.

    Last time you claimed I had no clue of the markets, this time you have no clue what you are talking about. I'll try to state how things work in simple terms....

    TMBR has an internal price. If the price TMBR can offer is better or equal to a price that another exchange is offering, TMBR will give them the better price. Hmmm. That isn't too difficult is it? Food for thought.

    Now to address the bigger issue you raise. TMBR is not a specialist. All orders entered via IB do not get executed via the TMBR route. TMBR is just an additional source of liquidity that can and does provide instant executions to IB clients.

    Is that simple enough?
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  2. I'm not trying to bash IB. I'm just stating facts. Why wouldn't the world put it's stock in TMBR? Is the world clueless?

    And if you have no clue about the way the listed markets work then don't complain to me.
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    Then clarify things for me. What exactly do you mean, why wouldn't the world put it's stock in TMBR?

    (for one, the world doesn't have access to the TMBR route - although a number of firms and routing systems have requested to have access to it).
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    TMBR is not a stock exchange or ECN.

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