Is Tim Sykes really a scammer?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by short&naked, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Going by the investimonials site he seems to be reputable. However, I am still wondering why somebody who is able to make 3 million shorting penny stocks needs to establish an educational business. Indeed, the design of his site alone screams fligh-by-night.

    Could somebody who has actually purchased his services give some insight?
  2. Pekelo


    I only made 27K in 7 days after his course not the advertised 30K, so he gave my money back.

    He is a stand up fellow in my book....
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  3. judging from sample of his trading on "Wall Street Warriors" TV show, it seems he's still at the beginner stage.
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  4. wrbtrader


    Many threads and discussions on Tim Sykes by those that have actually purchased his services @

    You'll find more @ although he's been involved in many different types of services. Thus, you seem to be asking about a specific service.

    Do we really need another Tim Sykes thread. :confused:
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  5. I know Tim personally. He is not a scammer and sells legit education-- overpriced?? that depends on who you ask. Yeah, he is in in your face, loudmouth kinda guy, but he has made millions from that persona. How much have you made?

  6. This guys is a legit shyster , he doesn't have to make money from trading , as long as he finds suckers like you.
  7. But he does make money from trading-- lots of it-- obviously he makes more from teaching, and this does not mean anyone can follow him and make it also-- but the truth is, Tim is a great trader in his niche. This is verified and proven fact. surf
  8. You must be Tim , or his conspirator at least.:D
  9. Pekelo


    An always valid argument when discussing vendors... :eek:

    Here is a full proof business model I learnt from Tim, who has an excellent edge by the way:

    Trade in thinly traded pennystocks where you have a following thus you know that the price will move in your favour.

    If that is not the Holy Grail, I don't know what is....
  10. zdreg


    "conspirator" as in co-conspirator.

    to marketsurfer:
    where is his track record certified and on paper or actual investments?
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