Is this worth installing? RapidSP trading simulator software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tapioca, Sep 20, 2005.

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    It's pretty cool. Use it a lot. Not really free (free one comes with only few days of data). But not too bad at $99. Comes with lots of fx, stocks, index data for free and has loads of neat features. The data itself is worth it.
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    Thanks for the reply. Was looking for a good daytrading simulator with lots of data. Will try it out.

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    Apart from loads of other studies, it comes with Darvas boxes that I like to use in my trading. I hear it's pretty complicated to implement. Haven't seen them in many others. There are few others I used in the past but this one I liked the most.
  5. Hi I am a software developer who is also a swing trader and couldn't find a decent inexpensive spreadsheet template to do my Logging and Risk Reward calculations. So I built one for myself then put a bunch of work into making it commercial strength so others could easily use it.

    I am sure for the most sophisticated it does not accomplish all your unique goals, I was looking to put something out there that would be a good start and get the basics of journaling, accounting, custom reporting and risk reward management accomplished.

    Here is some base info below from my website of what I was trying to accomplish.
    TradeSmart is the easy to use, sophisticated trading journal software for the Active Trader.
    Trading Log/Journal/Accounting Module tracks your trade history.
    Current Account Status window lets you see where you stand now.
    Risk Reward Module helps you select the better trades.
    Standard and custom reporting/analysis module on your trades.
    Intuitive Powerful Excel Spreadsheet Template
    Designed for the Active Trader.

    I have a free demo online and would appreciate your input.