Is This Woman Too Hot To Be a Banker?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SomeYoungGuy, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I give her a 10 and I rarely give out a 10. Just my taste.
  2. clacy


    Relative to the fact that she works in finance, on a scare of 1-10, she's a 15.
  3. zdreg


    for 1 month she has to deal with nonsense. a new man comes to the office and she has to put with his verbal (hopefully only) dribble. it is a never ending cycle. show a little simpatico.
  4. She'll get it good.
  5. Do they expect her to cover herself up in a black Islam dress with a face-veil in order to work as a banker ?
  6. Debralee Lorenzana, she is hot.
  7. 6/10
  8. She deserves a better workplace than City bank.

    City bankers are fools to let her go. She could make make millions selling financial products to people with $$$. It's all natural. Those who have no fears to be around her in the finance business will be able to take sales to the next level.
  9. You're NUTS bro! Lemme see a 10, if she's a 6...
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