Is THIS what trading's all about ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capitalMan, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. I have four losing days last week...

    then went short at the EXACT low of


    Yesterday...and TODAY...three days in a row

    (I really should go for the lottery..what sort of probability is that!!)

    got stopped out...reverse and went long with a LARGE position

    after that

    got stopped out AGAIN at a intraday LOW..

    Market make a new HIGH and I brought BACK all of the long

    position and the market went through the roof...

    at the end of the day...

    my account is BACK where I was one week ago b4 the losing


    some of the more expreience trader may think this is nothing...

    but the whole experience is driving me nuts..

    I felt like a guy who survive a plane crash of something ...

    Is this what trading 's all about???
  2. If that's all there is to trading, then let's break out the booze
  3. sempai



    Are you aphexcoil in disguise?

    If not, then now there are TWO people on ET that are worse traders than I am.

    I'm moving up in the world. I guess there is some hope after all. :p

    (and it only took me eight years of trading, $200k, and a couple of years of therapy to get here)
  4. .chop....chop....chop......chop and more chop. Welcome to the last month of trading.
  5. catman


    What exactly are your expectations?
    And what is the basis for your expectations.
    (based on your experience, profit expectations, etc.)
  6. Te'

    Te' Guest

    Time and price my brother, time and price... Welcome Sempai!
  7. sd...well damn close to poppin over to steele canyon for a quick 18
  8. sounds like fun. If you go digging OB I am sure you will find a few hundred of my balls.........:D
  9. No. I am the worst trader on this board. Lost the last 14 of 20 days. Average daily loss about twice my average win.

    My trades go one of 8 ways:

    1. No fill
    2. I get stopped out at the low/high, right before it makes the move.
    3. I decide it's not going to move or it's not worth the risk and get out. I'm usually the last print or within the last 3 prints before it gaps in my original direction.
    4. I'm wrong and it immediately gaps against me .15 to .50.
    5. I'm right but get spooked out for scratch or 5 cents.
    6. I'm right and try to cover but it gaps .20-.30 and I get out even.
    7. Every once in a while I get sick of getting stopped out at the low so I say fuck the stop and it rips against me .50-1.00 and I panic out at the high/low.
    8. Approximately 15% of the time I'll be right and be able to get out at a decent price.

    The number of highs/lows I catch is utterly amazing. It's beyond probabilities. Check out ABC yesterday. I bought both lows at 67. Scratch trades on both because I got spooked out. I also bought the high in ABC yesterday and lost .20 or so. Not to mention the many many intraday swing high/lows I caught. NOONE on this board can possibly come close. Good traders or bad. Look at the 5 minute chart. That was me at the end of each tail.

    I give up. I quit. I will hire out my unique abilities though. If anyone wants to fade my every move, you'll make a mint. (I've tried fading myself, but I start fading myself at the precise point where my original idea would have been right.) There are no words to describe the consistent level of wrongness I've attained.
  10. wow - u make me feel much better.......... well not much but a little:D
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