Is this video posted yet:

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sigsegvboogman, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. tetuan01


    Only about a hundred times. :)
  2. Omg this is mean :( :p :D
  3. john99


    this is my video, you tube banned it and took it off, and now this guy stole it and posted it on
  4. Well, the person who stole it made $400 from the video for making the front page of today. Go figure.
  5. So why, with 20k life savings, the hell are you riding 10 cars of ER2 into oblivion?

    Oh, and my favorite part was while you were off camera punching the wall and kicking the dog about 2k more trickled out of your account.

    As you now contemplate your next move in life I would suggest you consider film production or editing. This may have been just the jump start that you needed.
  6. Inquiring minds would like to know. If not here please explain in your blog.

    You have given us new traders a lesson in risk management and old traders a reminder that the market has a paddle big enough to beat anyone up.
  7. Educate me here - how does one steal a stream file? Really, I can't fugure that out??? :confused:
  8. software avail..that can do it..
  9. john99 - I applaud you for having the balls to put this video up.

    We've all been there at one point.

    My favorite part is your Linda Blair moment at the end of the video when it appears your head is spinning!
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