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    I've just started reading "A Hedge Fund Tale" by Barton Biggs and have a question. The protagonist, a talented football player with high SAT scores, avoids applying to Ivy League schools and insists on going to a third rate provincial college on a sports scholarship. He thinks the route to wealth is getting into the NFL.

    On arrival on his first day he is greeted at the airport by a hot blonde coed who tells him she is on a cheerleader scholarship. But, she explains, her real function is to be a 'hostess' to the jocks and accommodate their needs. That's really why the scholarship is paid to her.

    Does this sort of, er, 'scholarship' actually exist in American colleges? It's dreadfully non PC. But cool :)
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  3. Wasn't there a film about this with Anthony Michael Hall called Jonnie be good.

    I reckon the hostess is less to get them there and more to get them to do something they can blackmail them with if their career takes of. Embarrassing photos.