Is this True for Hitler?

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Is this True for Hitler?

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  1. Hitler could have run away easily but he shot himself because he was responsible for the deaths of millions of Germans and other people.

    Hitler had said to his army generals "fight till your last breath. Do not run away". So Hilter did what he preached/said to others.

    Also 12 year and 13 year old boys were fighting in World war 2, maybe that is the reason Hitler committed suicide when defeated.

    What is your opinions?
  2. Fresh doubts over Hitler's death after tests on bullet hole skull reveal it belonged to a woman

    Adolf Hitler may not have shot himself dead and perhaps did not even die in his bunker, it emerged yesterday.

    A skull fragment believed for decades to be the Nazi leader’s has turned out to be that of a woman under 40 after DNA analysis.
    Scientists and historians had long thought it to be conclusive proof that Hitler shot himself in the head after taking

    'We know the skull corresponds to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40,' said University of Connecticut archeologist Nick Bellantoni.

    'The bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust. And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40.' Hitler was 56 in April 1945.
    Mr Bellantoni flew to Moscow to take DNA swabs at the State Archive and was also shown the bloodstained remains of the bunker sofa on which Hitler and Braun were believed to have killed themselves.

    'I had the reference photos the Soviets took of the sofa in 1945 and I was seeing the exact same stains on the fragments of wood and fabric in front of me, so I knew I was working with the real thing,' he said.

    His astonishing results have been broadcast in the U.S. in a History Channel documentary titled Hitler's Escape.

    According to witnesses, the bodies of Hitler and Braun were wrapped in blankets and carried to the garden just outside the bunker, placed in a bomb crater, doused with petrol and set ablaze.

    In May 1945 a Russian forensics team dug up what was presumed to be the dictator’s body. Part of the skull was missing, apparently the result of the suicide shot. The remaining piece of jaw matched his dental records, according to his captured dental assistants. And there was only one testicle.

    A year later the missing skull fragment was found on the orders of Stalin, who remained suspicious about Hitler’s fate.

    Just how and when he died is now shrouded in mystery. Mr Bellantoni said it was unlikely the bone was Braun’s, who was 33.

    'There is no report of Eva Braun having shot herself or having been shot afterwards,' he said. 'Many people died near the bunker.'