is this true about Timmay hedgefund

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  1. supoosedly he shorts all of Jim Cramer's ridiculous picks and makes money. however,Cramer confronted Timmay and told him to stop shorting and Timmay slapped Cramer around and threatned to throw him out a window head first. Cramer begged Timmay to stop beating him up so Timmay gave Cramer 10 bucks for his troubles and told him to buy a hair piece. i heard this. is it true?
  2. LOL-Who told you?!?!?
  3. Read about it in Timmay's awesome new book coming out where he will teach you to fail at trading!

    To boot, you may also pick up a few tricks on lying and deceiving as well.....
  4. Uhhhh...thanx for trying to promote my book, but I don't think you're very good at it. You're fired!
  5. i'm taking Tim out to a strip bar will he will get a lap dance by a hot brazilian girl with absolutely no morals. then we will go to his office and short the shit out of Cramer's dumb ass picks and then go back to the strip bar to celebrate some more. keep in mind Timmay is gonna have to learn to hang with some italians so we might have to give him a nick name. timmay just ain't gonna cut it but he has hope.
  6. if it is true, that is straight gangsta! I would do the same thing. You hear the shithead talking shippers today? what a queer. Look into my history. i think I remember posting fro a few months back at 30 or something. what a shithead. I think that is a sound strategy(short cramer), however, those are short term plays and only work after hours(mostly). Tankers sould correct now that he has mentioned them, we will see tommorrow. Everyone is definitely out five points, especially on the dividend payers. lets see what happens.

    As far as tim smacking him, I think tim has to eat a little more before attempting such. He's a feisty little fucker, and I dont think he is that much of a bitch to withstand such treatment without retaliation.
  7. You weren't paying me enough anyway
  8. i'm putting Tim on some juice and taking him to the gym to bulk him up my buddy who is a cop is going to loan me his badge so i can take Tim with me on some drig busts.we'll take the cash and let the guys go. then we will use the cash to buy some options and make even more money., i'm going to send a few guys to talk some sense into Joe Kernan on cnbc and have him pump Tim's book. believe me,my friends have a way with wors so expect cnbc to pump the kids book. of course i get 10% but that goes with teh territory.
  9. Trenbelone Acetate is the shit

    Juice him to the gills.
  10. tren is good but you need to use some test with it . nothing like real para's that they stopped making in 1997 !
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