Is this to be worried?

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  1. I'm thinking of going this genesis trading group. However I wondering if the people that are in charge of it will see where I place my orders and try to reverse engineer my logic?

    should I worry about this?

  2. They are making so much money off of commissions and fees they could care less about your strategy. Whether you make or lose money they still collect their share from you and that is all they care about, that and making sure you dont leave them with a debit.
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    As long as you're wearing aluminum foil, you are a. o. k.
  4. Whom ever you are, no one cares about your trades.

    Don't believe your own hype.
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    have 2 accounts, pick a random day of the week then trade you regular strategy in the second account and trade the opposite strategy in your regular account. And... remember to put on some size on that day. :)
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    Dude write a book. That way you can make all that money off your awesome strategy without all the stress.
  7. well if I had access to the trades and knew that someone was very profitable I'd take a look
  8. good idea
  9. How can it hurt if they enter same positions after you?:D
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    Also, make sure they aren't watching over your shoulder when you trade. You don't want them to see you entering a trade when your 3 EMAs cross each other.
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