Is this the year end rally or option week rally??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. How its gonna be .. Again market is picking up hopefully green today. Its gonna make lot of money who predicts the trend..

    Is it gonna be another few greens before expiry>>>

    what are thoughts on next few weeks till year end...
  2. Ehhh, I say options week rally, all noise. Next week, Holiday, light trading. Flat or down, I'll look for entry point. I'm going to assume everyone will wait till after Thanksgiving to look for entry so we should have some down days that week also. Dec up.
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    im sure everyone is looking for that santa clause rally, thats the next excuse for the market to trade higher after the federal reserve meeting on dec 11.
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    but what about everyone who wants to sell the losers of the portfolio for tax losses? won't that push the markets lower?
  5. Sine they need to do so 30 days before end of year if they want to get back into the position and simply take a loss for tax purposes you might see some dip on the last trading day of November.
  6. I may sound reckless, but Imo people in both camps (int rates up down) are disgusted with the Fed, the market will move on some other catalyst.
  7. Hey, that's my birthday. I never short my birthday, bad juju.:D
  8. FFIP still prices in a 85% or so chance of a Fed cut. Fed cut just isn't going to happen (barring some significantly horrible news in the next two weeks).

    The market hasn't come to terms with this. Until it does, there's the risk of a major pullback.
  9. LOL the fed will cut. Still more writeoffs.
  10. Why can't you just say: "I think the FED will cut" and give a reason for it, like we all do. Why do you insist to sound like a moron?
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