Is This The Worst Of The Worst

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  1. SP barely hanging onto a 2% YTD gain, home prices falling, Fixed income falling, food and energy rising. Whats an average person to do?
  2. short the indexes, close your eyes , turn out the lights, come back in one year.

    you will be a rich man.

    classic bear market price action.
  3. Ride the dragon? Fire up some chiba? short indexes?

    I say buy South East asia and short USA
  4. Commodities are so strong though. Now that everything is electronic and anyone anywhere can trade it's tough to get a handle on were we are headed.
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    bitch and whine a bit more, that'll help.
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    If this is a bear market why would anyone seem to complain when the Bull has been running long for 5 years. Its time that the bear makes his way to wallstreet, its been too long of a run for the bulls, bull markets do eventually run out of steam which I think we are seeing here in the last month. I could be wrong and the DOW could be back above 14k, but these markets along with other markets around the world are getting tired, some of them up over 300-500% in the last 5 years. The next bear market should be no surprise to anyone, especially after the most impressive gains in history.
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    I don't know....Sooooooooo much bad news. How much more is there? All news absorbed and still less than 10% off highs...Not a Bear, but definitely crappy action to the long side. But tell me the last time it was easy to buy a correction after this type of run? It's always hard and the harder it is, the better the reward usually...Case and point the move off the August 16 low...Almost 200 S&P points.
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    Are you being sarcastic or do you live on the dark side of the moon? :D
  9. LOL thats not how the markets work. The duration of a bull market has nothign to do with how long it will continue.

    With huge overseas growth, low inflation , cheap dollar, huge corporate profits, global stability, low rares, and tons of consumer spending this market will only go higher.
  10. ROTFLMAO. :D

    Low inflation?

    Huge corporate profits?

    Global stability?

    Tons of consumer spending? (Besides Wal-Mart, was there a retailer that didn't warn in the last 2 weeks?)
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