is this the ultimate trading system?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by hanhao, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Where did you get the charts from ?
    Were they from a seminar in Singapore ?
    Is the software Metastock ?
  3. what are those little black diamond things?
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    Send me a PM with your credit card information (with an available balance of at least US$1.98) and I'll send you documentation on this system.
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    someone has finally discovered the elusive "Holy Grail"
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    Geez, no Pm's yet.

    Okay, make it 98 cents.
  7. Optimized garbage! Toilet paper is more valuable.

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    Those aren't actually black diamond things. They are each 2 black triangle things joined at their bases.

    Now I've given away 1/2 the system for free.
  9. I have Kwikpop for Metastock and it seems similar to that, you still need to filter trades, they look hand picked to me
  10. you wrong...those are up and down arrows joined at their base! This system cannot lose!

    How have you been Quah? :)

    Michael B.

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