Is This The Top (For Now)

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  1. With kudos to Corso for starting this subject, what is the consensus?
  2. opm8


    It will definitely move! One way or the other. It can go down OR IT CAN GO UP!!! It can even trade in a sideways action. Or it might not move at all. You can take that to the bank.

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    Just fade whichever answer gets more votes.

    (i picked #2)
  4. Anyone who says too far too fast has a limited view of history.
  5. Pabst


    Looks a lot like Oct-Mid Dec.
  6. If you look at all these crescendo sell-offs and subsequent V moves, and talk of bear market ending rallies..then 25% lo-hi is your standard move

    9/01 945-1180..25%

    7/02 773-966...25%

    10/02 768-953.. 25%

    3/03 789-986..25% (???)

    Will it happen again?

    Find out soon enuff.

    Note: Not one of the previous rallies ended the Bear!

    Best, David
  7. dis


    Except that the war rally has been well discounted. I suspect this is a garden-variety 10% wonder. For this rally to have legs, the market must be able to shrug off the ORCL blowout tomorrow.
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    Note that OEX has succeeded in closing above 440. Now if we can get VIX to close below 34 we may get a bit more to the upside.
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    Shorted ORCL, a real market sweetheart, in the face of a charging bull, and got out intact...not much gains, but what a thrill !!!
    #10     Mar 19, 2003