Is this the third longest bull run in history.

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    Researched some info and came up with this:

    The longest bull market on record during the 1990s is considered by many to have ended in 2000. But the Almanac's measure has that bull running from October 11, 1990 to July 17, 1998 -- the longest-running bull market, ratcheting up a 294.8 percent gain.

    The second-longest bull notched a 344.5 percent gain, running 2,138 days from October 27, 1923 to September 3, 1929.
  2. I suggest you look at charts and draw your own conclusions. For instance most market observers would consider March 2000 as the end of the 90's bull market rather than 1998.

    There's been a slew of three-four-five year rallies .....
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    I agree with March 2000 being the end of that bull cycle.
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    Between the October 2002 market bottom and the 2006 close, the Dow rose 71 percent. The S&P rose 82 percent. And the Nasdaq, heavily reflecting technology stocks, rose 117 percent.
  5. yes but what you're failing to understand is this over 4 year bull came with a mere 2 1/2 year gap between the greatest and longest bull ever which is incredible
  6. Who cares this is stupid. What matters is that the markets will keeps going much higher from here regardless of the historical signifigance.